Saturday, October 8, 2016

Why I'm "Throwing Away" My Vote

I'm not voting for Donald Trump.

I'm not voting for Hillary Clinton.

I'm not voting for Gary Johnson (pro-abortion platform).

I'm not voting for Jill Stein.

I'm "throwing away" my vote . . . 

 . . . so say many friends whom I love and respect, and whose "right" to vote as they please, I support.

Although I have known a few Christians with convincing liberal and libertarian convictions, most of my friends are staunch conservatives. The latter are my critics.

They have one argument they think "trumps" all others:

Supreme Court appointees.

So, for them, Trump is the only choice. They'll hold their noses and vote for "the Donald."

Not me. 

I could never trust him any more than I could trust Hillary.

I don't like him at all, and I certainly don't respect him. 

I cannot follow him as my leader, and I would not want my sons to follow him as their commander-in-chief.

Even though I ferociously oppose abortion, the Supreme Court argument is not enough to convince me to vote for Donald Trump. That argument is shaky at best, based on a candidate whose "convictions" have wobbled worse than Jude's wandering stars.

No, I'm "throwing away" my vote . . . casting my ballot to the wind . . . 

  • Because I will not vote for an unprincipled candidate, which characterizes both the Democratic and Republican candidates.
  • Because neither party deserves my vote. 
  • Because my conscience forbids me to vote for either of the major candidates.
Instead, I am voting for a write-in candidate, someone who I think is a morally good and politically wise person, a statesman, and at this moment, more likely a stateswoman.

I am casting a protest vote.

I am casting a principled vote.

I am casting a conscientious vote.

I am casting a vision, not just a vote, rejecting what our nation is, and who its leaders are, casting a vision of what our nation and our leaders should be.

I am casting an idealistic vote. I am an idealist. I believe in ideals. Both candidates offer me ideas, not ideals; in fact, both candidates offer me antitheses of ideals. I do not and will not accept that, or them.

Most of my friends will disagree with me, and some of them will even criticize me.

Disagreement is fine, criticism is fine.

You can even say that I'm wasting or "throwing away" my vote.

But I ask you to please consider the fact that my conscience may actually and forcefully forbid me to vote for either major candidate for moral, political, and philosophical reasons.

That is actually the fact.

I hope you'll respect that.