Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Art of Conversation

One of the most debilitating characteristics of modern evangelicalism is a deficient and repugnant sensitivity to art, most radically epitomized by the vulgarization of rhetoric and music in contemporary worship settings. vis a vis, colloquial preaching and simplistic and pathetic musical scores that aim low and hit their mark. Consciously and unconsciously, evangelicals slaughter transcendent Truth upon the alloyed altar of immanent contemporaneity, thinking that by accommodating culture we can somehow transform culture, when in fact no one and nothing is ever transfigured when beautiful wings are melted so that heav'n borne worshippers plummet to earth. A collateral victim of this Dedalean tragedy is the art of conversation.

Every spoken or written word is a potential Trinity, the synthesis of an invisible conception (Idea), an invisible inspiration (Breath), and an audible expression of the Idea when Breath strikes Flesh (the tongue and lips), and also a potential expression of unconscious Blasphemy or worshipful Adoration. Such is the theology of Incarnation, the Word Made Flesh, when the Invisible Father conceptualized the Word, and the Invisible Spirit impregnated Mary's Flesh to conceive the Word.

Every word proffers two choices to the Speaker, speak of Earth or speak of Heaven. To speak of Earth, the speaker must only speak of Persons or Events, the mainstay of colloquial vulgarity; to speak of Heaven, the speaker must speak of Ideas, ideas that explore the various spheres of Transcendence, the pinnacle sphere of which is Truth.

The next time you converse, analyze and evaluate the content of the conversation, and then ask yourself, "Is it earthly, focused upon persons and events, or is it, if not Heavenly, at least Heavenward, winging its way to Ideas or, better, ascending Beautifully to Truth? Tragically, you will see (and hear) that we consistently fashion waxen wings destined to melt in the heat and light of the Sun, predominantly and consistently summoning our feebler intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aptitudes to contemplate, and speak of, the mundane, wasting our brains and our breath upon the common, thus unconsciously blaspheming the potential holiness of every word. Seldom do we meet the conversationalist who attempts to fashion every word a golden apple in a silver vase, making every word an angel's wing. If we do encounter such an one, we are probably at a loss for words, and that would, ironically, be most beneficial to ourselves and others. Still Silence is better than a Fast Fall.

The Word said this. "Every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the Day of Judgment; for by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned."

How, and of what, did He speak?


Enchanted Etymologist said...

I appreciated the allusion to the myth of Daedalus and Icarus! Yes - I know who they were! Inspiring post. It will make me consider what I say in the future! We missed you.

Hal Brunson said...


Be more precious than rubies . . .

Beau Morgan said...

"Sounding souls are seldom souls that are sound"

Appreciate this post very much and the exhortation to carefully consider the Word.

Jimmy Downing said...

Thank you Brother Hal. I am reminded that the faculty of speech is one of those talents through which we most influence those around us; and at the same time, the one through which we very often behave irresponsibly. Thank you for the post, may I learn.