Friday, June 12, 2009


Judy was an immaculate housekeeper in terms of cleanliness, organization, and aesthetic taste within moderate income. She kept our clothes washed and cleaned, the beds made beautifully, the floors clean, the kitchen orderly, and too many times did too much in teen-age boys’ rooms. She hated to vacuum (she was so small it was difficult for her), and she did not like to cook, although when she wanted to cook she could “do it up right.” As our incomes increased in mid-life, we used a housekeeper once or twice a month. We also spent a small fortune eating out, especially when the boys’ lives got frantically busy with athletics. We both worked for schools, so eating out often was practically a necessity in terms of protecting our time together and avoiding going home to cook and clean up after a long day’s work.

Now that she’s away, I’m the housekeeper. I’m amazed at what work it takes even for one person: cooking, washing, sweeping, cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the windows, keeping the rooms straight, making the bed, doing the wash, folding the clothes and towels, putting up the dishes, keeping a grocery list, going to the store, etc. And then when I think about all that Judy did outside the home, I’m frankly amazed, which brings me to my theme, not housekeeping, but housekeepers.

In his epistle to Titus, Paul instructs Titus to exhort mature ladies to instruct younger ladies to be “keepers at home,” good “housekeepers.” Paul’s Greek word for “housekeeper” is oikouros, one who maintains domestic order. At a philosophic level, a clean, beautiful, and orderly home is a reflection of the larger cosmos, God’s house, which evidences design, order, cleanliness, and beauty throughout the earth into the galaxies. One might say that the precious wife who is a good housekeeper is a reflection of God's own orderly nature. Add to her responsibilities the care of children, including discipline, instruction, and their own cleanliness, then the housekeeper is even more a reflection of God who, in His house, cares for His children and both instructs and expects them to be orderly and clean.

I don’t see how godly women do it all, except that they possess the very virtues of heaven.

Husband, do not take your wife for granted, especially her role as a housekeeper. She is doing God’s work, more important than yours away from home.

Why don’t you take her out for dinner this evening or, better yet, why don’t you volunteer to keep the house for one week?


sue Windrick said...

This made me smile. Thanks, Hal!

Hal Brunson said...

Sue, how delighted and honored I am that you droped by our blog. God bless you.

James Downing said...

Brother Hal,

Thank you for the blog entry. We have not met, though I have long desired to meet you. Brother John Greene told me of your wife's wonderful testimony of the grace of Christ. Your recent entry is particularly special, for my wife has come under affliction in that she has lost her hearing in her left ear, along with severe vertigo. She was not able to function in the home for over a week; had to lie still or become extremely sick. She is just now getting over the vertigo, which is Benign Paroxsymal Positional Vertigo. Not even close to Mrs. Judy's affliction, but I certainly understand in some small measure.

The LORD Bless thee brother. In time, I hope to meet you. Jimmy Downing, Springfield, Louisiana.

Hal Brunson said...


Thanks for dropping by. Vertigo is a terrible feeling; I have had it several times due to ear problems, and I also experienced it once as a young pilot. I hope your wife is better. It sounds as if you appreciate her, and affliction of any kind will certainly enhance one's appreciation of a godly wife.


My wife broke her wrist two summers ago, and I discovered how much she did when I began doing the things she had been doing since we were married. I was amazed how much energy and time it took to clean house, wash clothes, etc. Even during the school year she mangages to keep our home neat, clean and orderly. She is an excellent organizer and continually amazes me at how lovely she makes our home look -- and she's a pretty darn good cook too!