Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Joy Cries

The beast is back
It's deep inside
Time it's been biding
Trying to hide
Creeping and seeping
And crouching so low
To break you and take you
With nowhere to go
The quickness of sickness
Comes on like a flood
To steal and to kill
And to rape bone and blood
It lives for your life
It feeds on your tears
To fill you with empty
And kill you with fears
But you won't be broken
Not in your spirit
Your voice raised in praise
For all who can hear it
In sickness, in health
In life or in death
Your love for your Lord
Lives in each fleeting breath
Your flesh may fester
The body may die
But nothing can conquer
The joy in your cries

1 comment:

Hal Brunson said...


Thank you for the poem; Mom framed it and it is at the lake; I actually read it today before your post.