Monday, February 2, 2009

He's Not My President

I have almost zero respect for Robert Schuller, but during the Bill Clinton fiasco, specifically immediately after disclosure that Billy Boy had lied to the American public (what idiots did not know he had lied?), Schuller appeared on LK Live and Mr. King remarked something to this effect, "But he's still the President, right?" to which Schuller replied, "He's not my President!"

My Schuller meter spiked, if only for a moment.

As I thought upon that quote in relation to the prior post "My President is Black" (which made an excellent point), I mused upon the history of kings and potentates in relation to God's chosen people, especially his prophets. Occasionally, a magistrate will be a convenient friend to sheep and prophets, such as Pharaoh to Moses and Joseph, Nebudchenezzar to Daniel, or Artaxerxes to Nehemiah and Israel. But in all those cases, royal favor is incidental and fleeting. The vast majority of instances in which the Bible views the sovereign in relation to God's people reveal that he is much more often the enemy than the friend, even when he rules directly over them. Consider the names Pharaoh, Ahab, Herod, Felix, Caesar, etc., etc. Most especially adversarial to such sovereigns were the prophets, who not only affirmed God's sovereign placement of kings, even evil kings, upon their thrones, but who consistently denounced their wickedness. This makes me wonder about contemporary "prophets," such as Billy Graham and Rick Warren, who find throne rooms so comfortable even when the policies and personal lives of Presidents are immoral, violent, adulterous, vulgar, unethical, and murderous. Perhaps it's just my rebellious nature, but I hope it's some prophetic indignation in me, that makes me distrust civil power even when it is benevolent towards me, and disdain and denounce it when it is ungodly.

It seems to me that all politicians' hands, like Pilate's, are always bloody, and that they are always scrubbing away at the stain, defending themselves publicly, and saying, "I am free from the blood."

I know we should "pray for kings and all that are in authority," and I should do that more often; I also know that the kingdom of God is "not of this world," so I am forever caught in the trap of loving and praying for my enemies.

As for Barack Obama (I'm already sick of his socialist rhetoric), within the first week of his Presidency, his swift moves to pro-abortion and pro stem-cell Presidential orders makes me an uncomfortable bedfellow with Mr. Schuller regarding our new President, and so I say,

He's not my President.


Shane said...

Wow! To side with Robert Schuller or Obama. Man. That's like choosing between Caiaphas and Pilate.

Hippie Fringe said...

Have you ever had a visceral gagging reaction to a conversation; you know that feeling like you have a hair caught in the back of your throat that makes your tongue sweat? I feel that way every time someone (especially a Christian) talks about "their" president. I avoided some friends for the entire Regan and Bush administrations. I'm glad we finally have a president that my conservative friends are leery of too. Now it may be a while before I can hang out with my liberal friends. Their still so doe eyed they don't even have to speak; they just get this glazed look like a Mooney; I know what's coming and I start to salivate.

The Militant Pacifist said...

He ain't Etta James president either!

Hippie Fringe said...

MP, I would pay for that celeb death-match. I greatly prefer Etta's voice, style and apparently politics too. Maybe I'm just low class, but there's something about a 70+ woman that threatens a whoop'n and can back it up. Now a tag team with Tina Turner and Brittany Spears ...

The Militant Pacifist said...

It would be quite a thumpin'.