Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good Night, Good Job, and Goodbye

Of course I could be wrong--that's the necessary disclaimer at the onset of this brief blurb, but I do not see how an objective person could possibly think that John McCain will win the Presidency of the United States, especially after last night's debate, er', . . . debacle. For those of you too young to remember the first televised Presidential debate--Kennedy/Nixon--not only did style win out over substance, but Nixon's negative persona glared and stared at the national television audience just as John McCain's angry-man act no doubt moved "the undecideds" toward the cool, charismatic, Kennedy-esque Obama.

Good night, John McCain.

John McCain, fighter pilot, prisoner of war, not just any prisoner of war, but one who wouldn't cut a deal for his release, who instead chose to stay and suffer with his fellow soldiers; John McCain, "the maverick of the Senate" who, right or wrong, had the guts to stand up to his own party; John McCain, "the comeback kid," out of money and out of the Presidential primaries according to all the pundits, but who showed both them and his opponents the meaning of dogged perseverance. John McCain, war hero, maverick, and underdog--

Good job, John McCain.

John McCain, your history is written. Perhaps the last chapter would have read quite differently had it not been for your predecessor, to whom we also say "goodnight," and to whom you also can say "thank you" for paving the way for Barack Obama to be the next President of the "United" States of America.

Goodbye, John McCain.


Shane said...

Is God merciful with our nation, or has He been longsuffering up to now, ready to exact judgment upon our experiment in a free society in favor of some fly-by-night, smooth-talkin' yahoo?

I never think my team will win a sporting event, and I am typically pessimistic about the chances of politicians I favor. My pessimism is generally confirmed by felled champions like Fred Thompson and Ron Paul.

I must say, however, that my optimistic wife may have won me over on McCain's chances. I became eligible to vote in 1996, and I've never experienced an election where the Republican was supposed to win, yet Bush won the last two. All of the polls we're seeing that show Obama way ahead are based on models that are atypical---weighting Democrats by 8 or 10 percentage points over Republicans (typically, this number is around 4 percent, even in especially bad years for Republicans). If that underlying assumption is incorrect, then the race is much closer than the polls are showing.

Aside from that, the past two weeks could only have been worse for McCain if he appeared with Bob Dole in a Viagra commercial. A tanking stockmarket is bad, very bad, for Republicans generally, especially in a "Democrat year."

I figure the market will recover to around 10,000 or so by election day, and people's fears about their 401ks will be assuaged. When that happens, people will vote in sufficient numbers for the comfortable shoe in McCain.

Also, I think McCain should come out with a pledge (that's a little oath joke), ahem, a statement that he'll only run for one term. That would shake things up a bit.

Shane said...

Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to clarify my opening remark above---I had just read Pink's observations about the patience of God as one of his attributes, which he says is often confused with His mercy and goodness. Pink noted that although patience is exhibited in God's mercy and goodness, when solely patience is in view as an attribute of God it tends to be in the context of God patiently awaiting to punish sinners.

Hippie Fringe said...

I would not be surprised if god was as concerned about this election as you or I would be about what brand of fertilizer we should spread on our lawns next Spring. I agree with Hal, though, it was hard to watch the virtue of the soldier reduced to the broodings of the politician that would be king.