Monday, September 8, 2008

Tongue-Speaking Dispensational Kook for VP!

Barack Obama's black-liberation theology and the fact that his "spiritual mentor" is an anti-semitic/anti-American/anti-white loon is troubling. I have no qualm about saying that in a two-man race McCain is far and away the better man.

I also have to say that I've been enamored by Palin. She believes the right conservative stuff, and seems to be Reagan in a skirt, as I heard Glenn Beck describe her the other day. However, just as I denounced Obama for going to a nutty church, I must denounce Palin, too: perhaps even more so. Frankly, I doubt Obama believed anything his church taught him, and that he was just using membership and involvement at a locally famous church to get ahead. Unfortunately, I think Palin probably believes the drivel coming from her Pentecostal pulpit.

You can find the relevant clips here, here, and here. In the first clip you'll see a CNN report where they play a clip from the church where the pastor says that Alaska will be a refuge for people in, wait for it. . . , The Last Days. Muah ha ha! I guess the Antichrist will set up the one world government, and then people will flee to the hinterland up in the great white north.

In the latter two links you'll see a video of Palin herself addressing the church. I linked to the videos showing the full presentation of Palin, including her misapplication of Paul's prayer for the Ephesians to grow in the wisdom and knowledge of Christ (which Palin says will give people the wisdom on how to vote). Further, you'll note that within the videos you can hear Palin describe the Iraq War as "God's plan," and the Alaska pipeline as "God's will."

Now, in fairness, I think she might have been trying to say that she wants our leaders to prosecute the war in Iraq in such a way that is pleasing to God, and thereby enact God's plan. The pipeline thing, though, is kind of goofy. I mean, I'm a providence-believing Calvinist, and will assert that God declares the end from the beginning, but when most peoples ay something is "God's will" they are saying that it is morally endorsed by God. I'm not sure the Alaska pipeline, great as though it may be, can be verified as Jehovah-approved.

Oh, and did I mention her church speaks in tongues? We don't know yet whether Palin has "the fanciful gift of tongues," as my grandfather used to call it, but it wouldn't surprise me if she did, because "if you took women out of the tongues movement it would die before sun up" (quoting my grandfather again).

Actually, if she does speak in tongues, it might bode well for our foreign policy. I mean, it may prevent the Iranian president, for example, from telling the veep one thing in English, and then the mullahs something else in Arabic.


Hal Brunson said...

Drats! You beat me to it; I have the draft already written about Sarah's church. Oh, well, yours is better written and funnier too. I still might post, though; however, if you keep preempting me, I might have to take away your cigar.

Shane said...

Ha! Well, you may take away the cigar, but I'll always have the conch.

I'd like to read your post on this issue as well. I'd especially like your views on how a committed Dispensational worldview, which I think she has, would affect both foreign and domestic policy. (I reckon Israel's borders will have to be expanded, and the temple rebuilt. Perhaps she wants to rule over Alaska during the thousand years?)