Friday, September 12, 2008

One Thing is Needful

Jesus' words to Martha”one thing is needful”–what if these were Jesus's words to us?

What would that "one thing" be that we needed?

Must we regret that our first response to Jesus' words-"one thing is needful"-will probably be one of material concern and self-interest? "Lord, I need more money. I need a vacation. I need physical healing. I need a better job. I need a new house. I need out of this jam. I need some-thing for me.” But then our problem would be the same as Martha’s problem before Jesus said to her, “One thing is needful.” The scriptures tell us Martha was “encumbered by much” and “careful and troubled about many things.” No doubt Martha thought she understood her own problems and knew just what she needed. She didn’t, but Jesus did.

“Martha, stop what you’re doing, let go of those things in your hands and those worries in your head. Be quiet. Be Still. Sit down at my feet. Listen.”

One thing is needful–that we disengage ourselves from worldly busy-ness, disencumber ourselves from all that stuff in our hands–stop and choose what Mary chose–“that good part”–that better thing: to sit down at Jesus’ precious feet and listen to His Word.


Shane said...

I'd like your thoughts on this analogy, Hal, regarding the book of Judges---the bloody book of Judges.

Canaan = The body

Canaanites = The Old Man

Israelites = The New Man

Jehovah = Jehovah (shocker)

The command to eliminate the Canaanites = The command to mortify sin

Consequences suffered by Israelites for disobeying the command (see Judges through Malachi) = Consequences suffered by the Christian mollifying rather than mortifying the Old Man.

It's not perfect, but I've been thinking about Judges lately, and wanted your thoughts on the above.


Hal Brunson said...

Very awesome insights; with regard to my comments, I don't think I can comment upon that right now; it would take some serious study, but I definitely think you've hit upon something profound.